Peter Buley
Experience Designer

Data Analytics & Visualization work

During my nights and weekends in 2020-2021, I pursued a part-time master's in Data Analytics and Visualization (just trying to squeeze some lemonade out of COVID and be a more data-informed creative). The following is a repository for some of my work at MICA during the first semester.

Personal data x Tableau
Data Explorations

Data extraction and cleaning of my 1998-2008 passport was the hardest part of this project. If I had included single day/weekend visa runs it would be even more a mess.

Public data x Tableau

Data Explorations

This was designed at tabloid size for print (hence the odd web-layout)
Data source:

Exploring Time

(and mining) x XD

This assigment centered around using photographs to visualize change over time. It also served as a test of Adobe XD and exploring the new auto-animate feature with multiple layers.
It worked but could have been done in a fraction of the time in Keynote, but I learned some layer tricks for XD prototypes.

R programming x Statistics Class

Unfortunately, this CMS has no good way to show a slideshow - above is a movie version (sans explanatory talk track), and below you'll find a carousel version that you can click through at your own pace.
The intended audience was R and Tidyverse users and snippets of code were shown. I benefited immensely from a number of interactive R tutorials on

Shown above (sans talk track) are my slides for my Statistics and Analysis class. The class was based in R and I used RStudio to clean, analyze, and visualize a data set of our choosing. RStudio was my primary tool, but also a tiny pre-clean in Excel and then Keynote for the final presentation.

This time in Tableau

I created a .xsl file in R and then brought it into Tableau. You can interact with the dashboard on Tableau Public and see more info in the tooltips. This assignment was predicated on using a single color for the viz; I choose pink/purple because I like sites that pull off this color combination.

Data Explorations